Thursday, February 3, 2011

Site Updates Coming Soon

I'm trying to keep up on this a little more leading up to the anniversary party, and I have a few changes I'll be making. - I registered for a few domains, and it looks like we won't need to go to for much longer.

Redesign - I've been working on a bit of a redesign, and it should go live in the next few weeks.

Email Addresses - Not sure if there will be any interest, but I should have a few email addresses available soon.

Lot of Pictures - I have about 100 pictures that will be uploaded in the next few days, so be on the lookout.

Facebook Fans - Make sure you "Like" Beer Thursdays on facebook. The facebook page is so head over there and hit the like button.

Cameras - Throwing around the idea of taping Beer Thursdays, and then editing it down, but that may not happen. We don't really do a lot of reviewing, so may not be needed.

Suggestions! - What do you want to see happen with BeerThursdays? Leave a comment, and lets make it happen!

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