Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Trade Upcoming.

In the BeerThursdays #17 Event on Facebook, I talked about a big trade we have set up with another Beer Advocate Tasting group.  Some info on the trade can be found here:

So far, we've acquired a number of beers for the trade including:
Two Hearted - 24oz
Abacus - 22oz
Serpents Stout - 25oz
BA Gonzo - 12oz
Alaskan Smoked Porter - 22oz
Supplication - 12oz
and a few more.  We have right around 200oz of their "wants" and need to start filling out the boxes with locals and more wants.  Minimum is 350, I would like to get about 500 in the box.

More of their wants include:
Speedway Stout
Coffee Bender
Exit 16
Bourbon County Brand Stout
Older Viscosity
Coffee Bender
Old Rasputin 11
Big Black Voodoo Daddy
Cadillac Mountain Stout
Creme Brulee

We can also fill out the box with local stuff that we know doesn't make it out that way.  Things from Evolution, Twin Lakes, Stewarts, Iron Hill, DuClaw, Stillwater (maybe), possibly some Dogfish stuff, and I'm sure a ton more will help fill out the box.  I'm not going to give out their names an open site so we don't ruin any surprises, so I'll send out something with all of their participants names so you can look up their wants on BA.  Plan is to have it all together on the next BeerThursdays, and then ship it out the following day, or following Monday.

Once again, you don't have to do anything, but opening big boxes is exciting, especially when  you don't know anything that will be inside.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beer Thursdays #17

Cans Cans Cans! We're going to be doing cans just because there seem to be so many right now, and we haven't done them yet.

Also, I entered our group in a very large beer trade. You don't have to parcipitate, but I just thought it would be fun for those who did. Details here:

We'll bring all the stuff for the trade on the 17th, package it up, and then set a date when we our box(ex) back to try all of the new stuff. We don't know what we'll be getting, and we don't tell the other group what we are sending. If you want to help out and need a shopping list, I'll be glad to send one to you. Paul and I hit a bunch of their wants already, so maybe one or two more from State Line, and then a bunch of local stuff (DFH, Evo, Twin Lakes, maybe Stewarts and Iron HIll). Should be fun! Hope everyone can make it.

More info here:

Forum of the Gods!

Taken from

"Ale Street News presents a spirited round-table discussion with five of the biggest names in American craft brewing:
* CAROL STOUDT, Stoudt's Brewing
* SAM CALAGIONE,... Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
* VINNIE CILURZO, Russian River Brewing
* BRIAN GROSSMAN, Sierra Nevada Brewing
* LARRY SIDOR, Deschutes Brewery
This crew is producing some of the absolutely best beer in the world.
Join us for a one-of-kind session, to be moderated by Philly's own Beer Reporter Joe Sixpack and Tony Forder, editor of Ale Street News.
And it won't be all yakking! Each brewer will bring along a couple favorites for an afternoon of sampling.
Feature keg: EXPORTATION, the Philly Beer Week collaboration porter, brewed by local beer luminaries in 2010 at Sierra Nevada, then aged in Russian River's barrels for a year.
Tickets are available here.
Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant
120 Market Street
Old City- Philadelphia, PA
Can't wait for this one!