Saturday, July 23, 2011

Newark Food and Brew Fest 2011

The Newark Food and Brew Fest is just wrapping up, and I must say, it was a success.  Not to many crazy off the wall beers, but there was some quality craft, and a few things I haven't had before.

The day started off at Grotto's Pizza, a place I used to frequent before craft was a lifestyle of mine.  For sampling was Shipyard Export Ale and Summer.  Both decent, but nothing over the top.  To my surprise however, Grotto's now carries Dogfish Head 60 Minute on tap.  And $6.00 for 22 ounces is not bad.

Next was Kildare's just upstairs.  Six Beers were for sampling.  Selections form Twin Lakes Brewing, a Delaware local, and Paulaner were enjoyed by all.  Twin Lakes Pale Ale is still one of my favorite local brews, and Paulaner Salvator was also quite tasty.  Another surprise was to see Victory Head Waters Pale Ale on tap.  A very nice pale from another local company.

We ended the evening at Buffalo Wild Wings with some $.50 wings and a selection from Clipper City and 16 Mile.  I must say that I've never had too much from 16 mile that I have enjoyed, but the Clipper City Heavy Seas Loose Cannon was worth drinking.  Buffalo Wild Wings also had Dogfish Head 60 minute on tap, which was enjoyed by all.

Over all, a great event.  I would like to see some of the local brewers show up to help sell the beer and explain what every one was drinking.  Also, it would be nice to see some limited release, cask conditioned or experimental beers brought out to this event, but that may be asking too much for an event which covers so many different places.  There were a lot more beers to try, but just not enough time to try them all.

Check out the link here and hopefully we will see some more people out next year.

P.S.  It was HOT!

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