Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beer Thursdays #17

Cans Cans Cans! We're going to be doing cans just because there seem to be so many right now, and we haven't done them yet.

Also, I entered our group in a very large beer trade. You don't have to parcipitate, but I just thought it would be fun for those who did. Details here:

We'll bring all the stuff for the trade on the 17th, package it up, and then set a date when we our box(ex) back to try all of the new stuff. We don't know what we'll be getting, and we don't tell the other group what we are sending. If you want to help out and need a shopping list, I'll be glad to send one to you. Paul and I hit a bunch of their wants already, so maybe one or two more from State Line, and then a bunch of local stuff (DFH, Evo, Twin Lakes, maybe Stewarts and Iron HIll). Should be fun! Hope everyone can make it.

More info here:

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