Thursday, March 25, 2010

Next Beer Thursday

So the NewBrewThursdays guys are going to be at DFH tonight, and there is no way I can make it down. They messaged me the other night and said they had to move their date, so that kinda stinks. We can still go down on the 1st and do our thing at DFH if everyone is still game

Haven't updated anything basically because there is nothing else to update. I've been searching the area for Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, but so far, no luck. I did find a few bottles of Supplication sitting around, but decided not to grab them as I already have some at the house.

Have a few things coming in the mail, but nothing too outrageous. I did manage to score a 2010 Kate the Great at Tj's last weekend, and a 2008 Surly Darkness in a trade, but I don't think those will get opened until maybe next St. Pats day. May have a few more Coffee Benders that everyone liked coming my way, so we should be able to enjoy that one again.

Other than that, just keep looking for good stuff.


  1. Damn! I wanted to try out my new medieval skull mace dagger on them west coast punks. Can we still have a brawl at our next Beer Thursday?


    Check this out, its a good laugh.